Be One of our Distributors

How to become an American Foods Exclusive Barangay Distributor Partner (EBDP)?

  1. Masipag, matiyaga, matino at honest, gustong maka-develop ng isang continuous source of income dala ng kanyang pagmamahal sa kanyang pamilya, Diyos at bayan. 
  2. Must be a Filipino, of legal age, bonafide long standing resident at your Barangay.
  3. Fill up an application form (intent to be an EBDP, can be downloaded below) and email or send through our Facebook page with supporting documents.
  4. Of good moral character with no Criminal Record (must submit, police clearance, RTC and MTC Clearance (recommendation and/or letter of endorsement from your Minister, Parish Priest, Pastor, Imam, etc…, is a plus point.
  5. Has a chest or upright freezer for the exclusive use of  American Foods frozen products or can purchase a minimum of one (1) chest/upright freezer with a minimum size of  6 cubic feet  and 2-3 pcs Styrofoam containers.
  6. Willing to develop clients and customers within their Barangay areas of responsibility.
  7. Willing to undergo one (1) day sales and marketing training and food product handling seminar.  All training and seminars are FREE of Charge.  
  8. Has access to local transport for EBDP’s use within their Barangay areas of responsibility.
  9. Can purchase a minimum of Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000.00) on a cash basis for three (3) consecutive purchases, afterwhich EBDP’s can avail of seven (7) days or more credit terms (see contract for details).
  • Note: We are not a networking company that may have up or downlines or other sales and marketing gimmicks; however, since we value the sales and marketing efforts of our EBDP’s to generate sales in their areas of responsibilities we are bound to be supportive of our EBDP’s.    

As an Exclusive Barangay Distributor-Partner (EBDP) what support can I get from American Foods?

  1. Posters (number of pieces based on actual needs)
  2. Tarpaulin signs (number of pieces based on actual needs)
  3. Company ID Cards
  4. Leaflets
  5. Calling Cards
  6. Inclusion of your name and/or company in our website
  7. Free delivery to your  official contact address of your orders
  8. Continuous sales and marketing assistance, consultation and formulation of individual sales and marketing strategies to include good and best accounting, legal and  business practices   
  9. Financial support after  three (3) months (or sooner on case-to-case basis) of successful sales and marketing  for transportation needs (trike-van), freezers, etc.
  10. Opportunity to become a Municipal/City or Provincial Distributor

What area of coverage  can I expect as an Exclusive Barangay Distributor-Partner (EBDP)?

An Exclusive Barangay Distributor-Partner (EBDP) shall be allowed to handle on an exclusive basis sales and marketing of all American Food Products to a maximum of Ten (10) Barangays (initially), subject to increase and/or decrease depending on the EBDP’s performance (see contract for details).